General Statement of Duties: An employee in this class functions as a Paramedic performing life saving procedures, care and defensive driving in the delivery of EMS through the response of transport of patients for TMT.

Reporting Relationship: Reports directly to yourself, your peers, and/or Management Team.

Responsibilities: Below is partial list of duties to establish an understanding of the basic responsibilities of this job and is not intended to be a full and complete representation of all duties that this job may require.

  • Performs as a Paramedic in response to needed patient care.
  • Drives an emergency or non-emergency vehicle in the appropriate mode using defensive driving training techniques, if so trained and licensed to do so.
  • Abides by the policies, procedures, and protocols of the company.
  • Appearance, conduct, and attitude reflects a professional image in a caring manner at all times.
  • Works cooperatively with other employees, health care personnel, patients, family members, etc.
  • Completes required paperwork and documents appropriately and completely.
  • Maintains current certifications in ACLS and PALS.
  • Evaluates the vehicle and equipment daily to ensure cleanliness, safety and proper working order.
  • Refrains from smoking in company vehicles, buildings, and refrains from smoking in other buildings and vehicles owned by others while representing the company. Also, adheres to all non-smoking areas within the public while on duty or in uniform.
  • Reports accidents, problems, incidents, failed equipment or vehicles, worker’s compensation injuries, etc to the company immediately.
  • Completes required training and education to keep certifications and requirements for this job class current.
  • Attends in-services, run report reviews and other quality assurance activities.
  • Participates in public relation activities as it pertains to the company or EMS.
  • Completes inventory of vehicles and equipment on a daily basis.
  • Completes special tasks that pertain to the operation of the company or its improvements.
  • Ensures that TMT is meeting and/or exceeding all local, state and federal requirements, relevant to job class.
  • Must be able to lift 125lbs independently and/or 250lbs with partner during transports in accordance with State of Tennessee law.
  • Provides written reports to supervisor and/or management staff as necessary or required.
  • Promotes TMT marketing strategies consistent with the marketing plan in all aspects personal and professional.
  • Works closely with all employees, supervisors, managers, and other departments to enhance TMT strategies.
  • Attends training sessions, seminars, and workshops to enhance personal knowledge in all aspects of TMT lines of business.
  • Always displays conduct becoming of a TMT staff member.
  • Performs other functions other functions as necessary and/or required by TMT Management Team.